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Enjoy the party

The PepC Show is the hottest half hour of entertainment on television and the internet. Kick back and enjoy exciting graphics, hilarious comedy, original music by Takeshi Otani Band and the top up and coming  comedians, dancers, models, musicians, actors, athletes and promoters on the New York City circuit.

Also, catch up on the latest in pop culture with our uproariously comical      BAIL OUT - HOT TOPICS segment sponsored by the exciting new web series                                                          'Dennis O'Neill's BAIL OUT.'

Our A&R and Music Production projects are second to none. Our debut single City Lyfe by vocalist, composer, lyricist and producer PepC is signed with Disco Balls Records and is now available on

Only $1.99

See PepC Live in Concert with TAKESHI OTANI BAND 

12/26      The Shrine      7PM

​12/27      Pianos              9PM

1/2           Silvana            6PM

1/23        Sidewalk         8PM